Fritz Panzer

Born in 1945 in Judenburg, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna.

Fritz Panzer is a Wien-based artist. All throughout his career, Fritz Panzer has followed the same approach in his works with different media. In the 70s Fritz Panzer started creating sculptures that were replicas of furniture and objects on a scale of one to one.
His work offers an interesting experience that asks the viewer to rely on their own memory and recognition to complete the works, referring to outline drawings and to gestural drawings creating the volume of an object through his total silhouette.
New spaces come into being, in which the artist makes an escalator, stepladder or desk grow out of the world and likewise into it, holding them poised between visibility and invisibility. Panzer gives us the lines and our minds will create volume by presenting, for example, his wire works, including the "Pianino" (2010), as well as several drawings and paintings. In the words of Sarah Heigl  in 'The Walk in Drawing': "We have two objects in front of us,  which do not complete nor exclude each other, who are no more or not yet the Other (Roland Barthes). (...) By extending the drawing into three dimensions, the creation of the 'walk-in drawing', our impression is reinforced to be dealing with objects dwelling an intermediate world."

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