Michele Spanghero

Born in 1979 in Gorizia, Italy. Lives and works in Monfalcone, Italy.

“My works combine sound and visual arts with a thorough conceptual research and are defined by a transversal method and an essential aesthetic. The creative impulse comes as a reaction to the huge amount of data surrounding us. I subtract, isolate and rework the preexisting matter in search of a new semantic system. I try to stimulate the observer's engagement by subtly altering their perception. The silence, acoustic resonance and imperceptible sound variations in space and matter are the core of my sonic practice. I focus on fragments and marginal elements of architecture, recording the simple geometry of light, away from preset information and superstructures. I investigate the relationship between space and perception through photography, sculpture and sound”. - Michele Spanghero

The artistic activity of Michele Spanghero, who has both a Literature and musical background, ranges from the field of sound art, to sculpture and photography.

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