Founded in 2008 in Paris by Alberta Pane and specialized in contemporary art, the gallery supports international artists, promoting the conceptual force of their projects.
The gallery also encourages artists' experimentation in space and urges them to work in balance with their environment. The main purpose of their reflection is the interpretation and analysis of our time. It can be focused on nature, in many different ways as for Denis and Chong Kwan's works, on reality and space perception for Panzer, Lelouche, Eškinja and Stocker, on collective memory in Vilhena's drawings, Fogarolli's installations and Penso's Genetic Structures; on the social environment as in the anarchic actions of Lamothe and Moudov; on the exploration of consciousness to engage the visitor’s embodied experience of art, in Lutyens’ practise. On the body as a means of investigation of reality in the performances of Romina De Novellis, and on the relationship between sound and art in the works of Michele Spanghero.

In May 2017 the gallery opened its second venue in Venice, a former carpenter’s shop of 350m², transformed into an evocative exhibition space. Behind this choice, there is Alberta Pane’s intention to create a place capable of producing culture, in order to connect with the city and its people not only through experimental and high-quality exhibitions, but also by means of workshops, meetings, discussions and research on art. An international space, always developing, Alberta Pane Gallery is an energetic place where points of views can be exchanged.

With several exhibitions per year and international art fairs, the gallery has realized important projects in collaboration with museums, cultural institutions and international galleries. All the artists who collaborate with Alberta Pane are actively operating in the most important epicenters of the global contemporary art scene, such as dOCUMENTA, Biennale di Venezia, Manifesta, Istanbul Biennial, and Biennale de Lyon.

In 2017, the gallery undertook an editorial venture: Edizioni Alberta Pane. This new series of publications reinforces the role of the gallery as promoter of the artistic activity, fostering the public fruition, and the relationship of the artists with institutions, collectors and editorial production. These volumes are intended to become over time the testimony of the gallery’s activities, but also editions independent from the exhibitions, in line with the editorial role that some art dealers used to have. Form is essential, on the edge between the monographic review, the pamphlet and artist book, in which different authors – not only artists – are asked to express themselves each time in relation to a specific subject.

Alberta Pane Gallery is member of the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art in France and Paris Gallery Map.
In Italy, the gallery is part of Venice Galleries View, an initiative made up of research galleries in dialogue to enhance and support contemporary art in the Venetian area.