Paris Past

Soft hair

Marcos Lutyens
Solo show curated by Chiara Vecchiarelli

What if something of our consciousness could also vibrate around us, after being encrypted like the internal information of a black hole, on the surface of a sphere? Couldn't art bring to the surface, perhaps trace, as in a hologram, the information necessary to access our inner universe? How to make visible the singularity of the knowledge of others? And what is the form of wisdom? Is there a way to make tangible what seems elusive? These are the questions Marcos Lutyens wishes to articulate with the Soft Hair project, which opens at the Alberta Pane Gallery on September 4.

On view in the gallery space, immersed in a quadrant of blue, red, yellow and blue, are four spheres carrying on their surface the encounter with Antoine Danchin, a scientist working in genomics, synthetic biology and bioinformatics, researching genome evolution at the crossroads between the living and artificial intelligence; CatherineMalabou, philosopher, who developed the concept of plasticity that she drew from philosophy and neuroscience; K Allado-McDowell, a writer, musician and AI researcher who is currently leading Google’s Artists and Machine Intelligence program; Carlo Rovelli, a leading physicist in Loop Quantum Gravity and a philosopher of science who deals extensively, in his research, with the physics of black holes.

Chiara Vecchiarelli