Paris Past

The Glory Hole

Ivan Moudov
Solo show

For his second exhibition at Alberta Pane Gallery, Ivan Moudov presents a project
in two parts, The Glory Hole—a title inspired by gay culture in the 1970s.
The gallery will be split in two by a wall made specifically for the exhibition, interrupted at its centre by an empty circle of 8 cm.
On one side, Moudov presents a minimalist show of only a few pieces; on the other, the viewer will find a space occupied by many works of all different techniques—video, photography, object and installation—this side functioning as a sort of mini-retrospective to his work made between 2009 and 2012. The wall, a central piece to the exhibition, finds itself at the border between two radically different concepts of the exhibition.
When standing in the center of the gallery at the circle, the viewer is able to see the exhibition, playing the part of the voyeur who sees without being seen.