Paris Past


Giancarlo Dell'Antonia
Igor Eškinja
Florence Girardeau
Bruno Kladar
Marie Lelouche

Group show curated by Daniele Capra

This exposition was born from a reflection on the concept of stratification. We hope to bring together the work of five differing international artists who all think and operate by superposition, both in the visual and conceptual sphere. We are invited by the plurality of their work to take a look at the elements of analogy and diversity.

The world is a sandwich. Life is characterized by juxtapositions on various levels of moments, visions, desires, frustrations, places, and people. On our computer screen windows are open simultaneously; our work constructs itself by stratification. Versatile, we are used to performing several tasks at once and carrying out different lines of thought without implicating their combination or their exclusion. Managing this complexity is the daily bread of the postmodern man. Stratification is fueled by accumulation and sedimentation, quite like how our hard drives are loaded with data. The depositing of images and objects, be it perpetual and inexorable, allows us at regular intervals to confront an inadvertently forgotten past or a future that is yet to be defined. Stratification seems to show its double-sidedness, posed between the instantaneous flow of fate and the accumulation of a world we cannot ignore.