Venice Past

Le Désir

Gayle Chong Kwan
Marie Denis
Romina De Novellis
Christian Fogarolli
Marcos Lutyens
Ivan Moudov
Michelangelo Penso

Group show

After almost ten years in Paris, Alberta Pane opens a new gallery in Venice, transforming the spectacular scenery of a former carpenter’s shop into an exhibition space for contemporary art and experimentation, open to the city.
The opening exhibition, Le désir, features works by seven artists represented by the gallery itself. These artworks, specifically designed for this occasion, are powerful pieces made by some of the most interesting artists of the contemporary art scene, working on the edge between performances, installations, videos and sculptures.
Gilles Deleuze’s reflection on the desire, defined as a flow stirring production, is the starting point and fil rouge of this first exhibition. The goal is to weave a networks of free conjunctions between the artists, who are invited to express themselves in relation to the exhibition space, but also, and most importantly, to focus on their own aesthetics and their current research. Freely.
The "désir" is to build a multifaceted and relational show, a dialogue between the artists who give new shape to the geometry of the gallery, intended from the beginning as a space dedicated to exchange and experimentation. This message will extend to and permeate the calli and canals of the city through performative actions with strong cathartic impact.