Online Past

Kew / Pamplemousse

Gayle Chong Kwan
Solo show

For its second online project, Alberta Pane Gallery is pleased to present a focus on Gayle Chong Kwan’s photographic series Kew/Pamplemousse, where natural elements of botanical gardens, the concepts of exploration and hierarchies merge, giving birth to very colorful, yet transparent, reflective, and partially blurred, images.

Overlapping forms, lights and synesthetic sensations from two different geographical and cultural realities, Gayle Chong Kwan invites us to a timeless journey where distance is omitted, a topic that seems of particular interest in this time of isolation.

In this series, started in 2001, the artist combines two aspects of the "botanical Empire" in double-exposed analog photographic prints that connect the botanical gardens of Kew in the UK and Pamplemousse in Mauritius, which was once one of its colonies.

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