Paris Past

Instructions pour couper les ficelles

Gayle Chong Kwan
Gaetano Cunsolo
Léonard Martin
João Vilhena

Group show

The exhibition brings together four artists from different backgrounds whose practice often reveals what hides behind the artwork’s production, what is offstage.

In 1969 Julio Cortázar publishes the sequel of his “Instructions on How to Climb a Staircase”. In this text, he writes a guide to climb a staircase upside down. The nature of a user manual is treated in a parodic way following a series of disconcerting instructions.

Under the gaze of Cortázar’s instructions, each work could be a step to follow from a non-prescriptive and non-linear manual.
Once cut, the strings no longer connect the work and its author. It is with the action of the viewer that they catch their breath, that the scenery is rebuilt and moved by the thrill of new perspectives.