Paris Past

In my beginning is my end

Igor Eškinja
Marco Godinho
Adam Vačkář

Group show curated by Daniele Capra

In My Beginning Is My End compares works of Eškinja, Godinho, Vačkář whose conceptual, visual and expressive connotations are so dominant that they may interrupt the visitor’s own, unsure, notion of time, and act upon him by the dynamics of friction, of repositioning and anticipation.
We don’t pay attention to the duration of fruition, but only to its pursuit that generates meaning, ever aware of the fact of not being on par with the temporal reference points that we commonly call past, present and future.
Many of the exhibited works have the power to be at the same time alpha and omega – or the other way round –, and able to defy the viewer in search of a permanent rearrangement of time.