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Marie Denis
Solo show

"My practice is nourished by every possible input, by the vivid, irrational and tangible impressions of life, which for me are like an oyster that becomes a pearl: an accident that produces an enchantment. It's precisely this alchemy that I always look for." - Marie Denis

French artist Marie Denis’ all-around practice has material and technical experimentation with nature at its core.

This online project aims at shedding light on her peculiar and unique use of an old printing machine, while entering into the artist’s enveloping universe: a chamber of curiosities, where pieces find their vital positioning on walls, floors, tables, and drawers.

Moreover, Impressions echoes Marie Denis’ solo show Renée ou la nature des choses, on display at Maison de Chateaubriand, in France, until March 2024.
Browse the project to also watch a brief artist's presentation of this exhibition.

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