Paris Past

Il Corpo d'aria

Christian Fogarolli
Solo show

An atavistic dialectic in the philosophical, scientific, religious, psychological and ontological spheres, such as the one represented between body and soul, triggers the project Il Corpo d'aria (The Body of Air), presented by the artist Christian Fogarolli (Trento, Italy, 1983) at the Alberta Pane Gallery in Paris.
The works that compose the show seem to form an aseptic space for investigation and operation through diagnostic methods. They are composed of photographic images from archives of medical institutions, found objects such as instruments, artificial lights, and chemical liquids. By continuously blurring symptom and cure, Fogarolli evokes the contemporary paradox in which development and technical reason can be themselves part of the problem.

With a text by Ángel Moya García popup:yes.

Vernissage: Saturday, May 18th, from 4 to 8 pm, in the context of Paris Gallery Weekend

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