Paris Past

Blanche ou l'oubli

Sandra Aubry & Sébastien Bourg
Charbel-joseph H. Boutros
Gayle Chong Kwan
Marie Denis
Marco Godinho
Marcela Paniak
Hiraki Sawa
João Vilhena

Group show curated by Léa Bismuth

Memory and oblivion, black and white, force and fragility, sleep and wakefulness meet in a show that unites photography, installations, films, drawings and sculptures from eight artists. This exhibition tries to assemble bits and fragments that testify of a battle against time and oblivion.
Blanche or Oblivion, the exhibition title quotes Louis Aragon‘s eponymous 1967 novel. In this ambiguous text, narration is put into peril between autobiographical quest and impossible novel-like fiction. The narrator perpetually loses control over his tale, and turns into the toy of an imaginary woman.
Each in his own way, the artists of this exhibition have responded with works specifically conceived for the exhibition.