Venice Upcoming

A Form of Delusion

Christian Fogarolli
Solo show curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto

A Form of Delusion is Christian Fogarolli's first solo exhibition at the Venetian space. Curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto, this project offers the public the opportunity to interact with a body of works, many of which are installations, conceived specifically for the exhibition.

In Christian Fogarolli's artistic work, past and present intertwine in photographies, installations, sculptures or videos: traces and fragments of a distant time are combined with contemporary materials, such as glass, mirrors and metal. Through an interdisciplinary approach that equally draws on research in medicine, psychiatry, psychology, anthropology and natural sciences, for years the artist has been consistently developing works in which image and concept shed new light and reveal new perspectives on mental distress.

Identity, memory and care are just some of the thematic cues that the artworks on display raise for those who want to investigate among the layers of materials and questions these works give shape to.