Venice Past

A Form of Delusion

Christian Fogarolli
Solo show curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto

A Form of Delusion, curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto, is Christian Fogarolli's first solo exhibition at the Venetian venue of Alberta Pane gallery. 
It offers the public the possibility of interacting with a corpus of works, many of which are installations, conceived specifically for the gallery spaces. 

In Christian Fogarolli's artistic practice past and present intertwine in photographic works, installations, sculptures and videos; traces and fragments of an indefinite time are linked to glass, mirror, metal, organic and technological materials. 

Starting from a historical and archival investigation and through direct collaborations with scientific research centres, the artist works following an interdisciplinary approach, looking at medical, psychiatric, psychological, anthropological and natural science studies. 

For almost a decade Christian Fogarolli has been consistently realising works in which he questions the separation between body and mind, senses and intellect, normality and deviance, with the aim of stimulating a reflection on the normative attributions of disease, marginalisation and categorisation in today's society.